Throughout history, people  have always looked for an edge, especially when it comes to their performance. We at Infinium Works are constantly rethinking performance by engineering products to take athletes to the next level.

Infinium Works started out of concerns from athletes, to deliver a product that provides real results and help obtain maximum performance without the use of harmful additives.Our commitment to you is high quality and effective supplements that will help you become the best version of yourself.

We are inspired by you, people who have goals and want real results. That's why we take our time to craft supplements that will help you achieve your goals.  



Lean is not just another fat burner, it is a revolutionary weight loss matrix supplement. Lean is the only weight loss supplement that addresses the problem of stubborn body fat, by first alkalizing. Then proven fat burning ingredients attacks fat at its core. And if that wasn't enough, Lean also helps cure cravings by curbing your appetite.



Want to maintain more muscle mass, and energy? How about increased libido. Well, Vitality is here to get you back in the game. We all know how important T levels are when it comes to performance. Vitality naturally restores T levels without the worry or need for aromatizing inhibitors. Vitality is much more than a Test booster, its a game changer. 



Ready for a product that builds muscle, improves endurance, and aids in fat loss! Infinium Works brings you Pump! This special formula contains muscles vasodilation ingredients that increase blood flow to muscle and other parts of the body. While also containing OKG (ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate) which correlates to improved amino acid synthesis and protein availability. And it doesn't stop there! Pump also contains 3 forms of creatine for ultimate endurance. 




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