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I've used Lean twice so far and I love it! The first time I used it, it helped me lose 6% body fat. I went from 28% to 22%. It's so easy to take with your meals, it gives me energy all day and it helps me with not feeling so sluggish throughout the day. Best of all is it doesn't make me feel jittery. Just knowing that it is made with natural ingredients makes me feel good.


I have read that as we age our hormone levels decline. And while looking into that, I decided to try Vitality to help out with energy levels, weight loss, and muscle gain. This was the first time I tried this type of supplement. It definitely increased my energy levels and running after a toddler I need all the help i can get!
My appetite has been better too, i don't snack as much throughout the day. I can tell a difference and it seems to work as advertised!
I'll be purchasing more of this, for sure! I liked the ingredients in this supplement better than the more expensive ones!


Balance is the best! It doesn’t upset my stomach! Great multivitamin!