7 Reasons why you should roll today

7 Reasons why you should roll today

Self-myofascial release, and no it has nothing to do with a facial. It's a fancy way of saying massaging the web of connective tissue in the muscle. The tightness of this connective tissue that runs through the muscles can cause pain. Especially if you're very active in the sport, regularly work out, and even if you're the complete opposite and have a sedentary job like working at a desk all day. NSAIDs also know as Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory i.e. ibuprofen, Advil, and Midol are great for what they do, but they still are drugs. And drugs have side effects. Anytime I can find a more natural way of fixing an issue with my body, I often take a shot at giving it try to see how it works for me. And you'll be surprised how well what I'm about to introduce to you now, works.

If the title hasn't given it away yet, then you should know that I'm talking about foam rolling. Foam rolling is an essential tool for any workout routine. And here are 7 reasons why.


#1 Improves flexibility and mobility - 

Applying constant sustained pressure on tight muscles will relieve adhesion on the muscle tissue. This can restore movement and stimulate blood flow back to certain areas within the body.

#2 Removes lactic acid from the body-

Not only does foam rolling break up tight spots in muscle, but it also releases built up lactic acid. Lactic acid is a natural by-product of muscle exerting in everyday activity. Rolling replenishes fresh blood within the muscle causing lactic acid to be excreted out into the body and readily removed.

 #3 Rolling as an exercise- 

Yes, foam rolling is most known for as a recovery tool. But it can also be used as a workout in itself. If you're not new to foam rolling then you know that holding yourself up while relieving those much needed sore spots can require some strength to do so. Do 2 jobs in one, next time you roll to try to get a decent workout in as you recover.

 #4 Save money- 

Save money you ask? Totally! This is one of the most valuable aspects of having your own foam roller. You become your own masseuse! All those weekly visits for sports massages can really quickly add up.

#5 Stress reliever-  

Foam rolling reduces cortisol levels with in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that wreaks havoc on our body CNS (Central Nervous System) and elevates our physical and psychological stress. Which can lead to weight gain.

#6  Improves speed and performance- 

Following a workout routine, it is advised to do a quick foam rolling session. After muscles are warmed up and full of blood, it is at this optimal time to work on the quality of the muscle. And foam rolling will do this by enhancing the muscle's ability to recover quicker and build faster.

#7 Keeps you in the gym- 

Using this inexpensive tool could prevent you from injury, thus allowing you to stay in gym mode. By spending less time recovering from injuries you can spend more time working on your physique, and consistency most of all is the key to over all success.

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