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P.M.R. - Infinium Works
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GREAT TASTE & KEY INGREDIENTS - The Infinium works Dietary supplement is a powerful protein powder, rich in vital nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids, Flaxseed. Enjoy a mix of minerals & multivitamins with a delicious vanilla spice taste to it!

HIGH IN PROTEIN TO HELP YOU MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT – Its whey protein powder is ready to help you lose weight without struggling. An efficient, quality protein shake that regulates glucose & insulin levels. Essential for a healthier, stronger YOU

FORTIFIED MUSCLE BUILDER FOR YOUR FITNESS GOALS – Get more pump with this nutritional meal replacement! Upgrade your muscle growth with Creatine, for extra sports muscle repair, strength, vascularity support and ultra-endurance. Time to switch ON!

BOOST ENERGY, STAMINA, STRENGTH & MENTAL CAPACITY – Thanks to Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris & the very special Rhodiola Rosea, you’re in for a superior hormonal support doubled by multiple health benefits. Power up your body & your mind! Boom!

UPGRADE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM & PREVENT JOINT PAIN – With an immune formula included, Glutamine, MSM & Glucosamine, this organic protein powder lubricates joints, prevents joint pain and fortifies your immunity. Your personal go-to all-out powerhouse!

💪Infinium Works P.M.R (Performance Meal Replacement) – Body pump meets brain power!

For athletes, bodybuilders, and all active people, Infinium Works used the best ingredients to help you achieve success in your fitness goals. We believe that people who train hard need an optimum nutrition shake and more effective protein.

Infinium Works dares you to Rethink performance!

🔑We're all about inspiring - motivating - becoming better.That's why we formulated this super tasty, easy-to-mix high-quality protein powder by using some of the world's healthiest, most powerful ingredients.

👊A powerful protein blend - your new fuel, with:

⭐Cinnamon extract - #7 for overall healthiest spice in the world - to help stabilize blood sugar
⭐Glutamine - the most abundant amino acid in the body - boosts the immune system
⭐BCAAs - key ingredient in any top pre-workout muscle stimulator fitness formula
⭐Essential fatty acid complex (Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9) - for brain health, eye health, with anti-inflammatory effects - reduces morning stiffness, joint pain, symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

🤘Perfect supplement for active people who you want to:

✅Put on mass and improve body composition
✅Cut down body fat and burn more calories🔥
✅Maintain, build or recover muscles
✅Boost immune support
✅Spruce up your nutrition AND workout goals
✅Improve body and mental power
✅Fine-tune muscles' water content and vascularity support
✅Maximize workout results with minimum efforts.

A dense yet easy-absorbable powerhouse with minerals and vitamins, Infinium Works P.M.R protein powder also includes a strong mix of Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium, and Potassium.

Start living a healthier, active lifestyle!
💪More power to you!

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