About us

The Infinium Works Promise 


Our mission is to give you the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals.


We promise you that all of our supplements will always be:


  • All Natural
  • GMO Free
  • Minimally Processes


We also promise that our supplements will work and that we won’t change our formulas or recipes just to make a quick buck.


If you use our supplement and aren’t satisfied for any reason, simply return it for a full money back guarantee.


We Use Our Supplements Too 


Infinium Works started out as a personal project. We just wanted supplements that worked. Once we mastered the formula we shared them with our friends. Soon we realized that we had something that could help a lot of people, and e fully launched Infinium Works.


Unlike many other supplement companies, we aren’t trying to take over the world. We aren’t chasing market share. Instead, we are focused on creating the best supplements for people who are serious about their bodies and their performance.


We are proud to stand behind all of our supplements because we use them too. We know they work.


Try your first Infinium Works supplement today. We promise you will love how they make you feel.